You can now have your very own custom App, which your customers can capture in as little as one second. 


With our App software, you can instantly add content, send push notifications and drive engagement to your target audience directly through their phones, giving you the many benefits of an App without the tremendous investment of time, effort and money. 


If you can create a word document, then you have all the skills necessary to manage and update your own App. With affordable monthly payment tiers of £99 per month, there’s an App to fit all budgets.

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To view a selection of our recent App builds, all you need to do is hold your phone camera up to the QR code, download DiiD and the first App will appear within DiiD.


The whole process takes less than 20 seconds. 


Thereafter you just need to hold your phone camera up to the next QR code and another new App will immediately appear, all without any need for the user to enter personal details.


Ease of Use


Use our simple drag and drop tools and just add your content, text, links, graphics, media, menus, check-ins, orders, forms, payments and more. You won’t need to do any programming. With one click, you just publish your updated App.


Greater Visibility


On social media and email, your messaging is mixed in with competing information, like posts, ads and spam. However, your App

contains only your content, with nothing to dilute your message. This means that you alone own the customer relationship.


Better Value - Faster ROI


With your new App, your customers have all your company or brand information in their pocket and can immediately find what they are looking for from your business. What matters is right there in one place.


Higher Engagement


Inform, promote, cross-sell, up-sell and create lasting relationships with your App.

You can drive better engagement and advocacy due to the ease of sharing between customers, in turn fuelling new customer installs with a singe tap.

Perfect Timing


Need to promote something and notify your customers? With your App you can send push-notifications direct to your customers - allowing them to interact instantly with your business.

Instant Utility


You don’t lose customers as there are no forms, accounts or complicated sign ups to get started. Your customers can go from tapping a link or scanning a QR code to using your App in seconds.

Contact us to discuss how you could have your own App