Marketing is changing all the time, as the world becomes more technical and new techniques are introduced, it is hard to keep up with and easy to make mistakes. These are the top 6 most common mistakes in marketing and what you can do to improve them.

Not knowing your target audience.

You can create the most convincing and effective advertisements ever, but if these adverts are targeted towards the wrong people, you won’t receive the amount of engagement you may have been hoping for. It is important that you understand your target audience clearly using research and data. Knowing their age, location, what social media sites they use, what time they use them, and loads of other factors will help you when marketing your products as you will be able to tweak how you promote your product accordingly.

Not utilising SEO

One of the best ways to get your sites noticed is to consider search engine optimization. 89% of clicks happen on the first page of Google, so it is essential that your site ranks highly on search engine sites! SEO can be achieved through non-paid advertising, increasing the number of organic searches your site generates, and is done by using the right keywords, relevant information on your site, backlinks, and any other information that search engines may require. On page and Off page SEO should both be considered, as they will help you to increase exposure to your brand and generate more traffic.

Link building

Spending time to promote your brand and get your name out will bring benefits, especially link building. Having another website link to your content, or ‘backlinks’ will not only spread awareness of your brand, it will also improve your site on the search engine algorithm, making your site rank higher, generating more exposure to potential customers. Link building is a part of off page SEO, increasing the amount of bank links your website has can also increase other benefits such as influencer marketing, and social media mentions.

Not experimenting with your content

Occasionally switching up the content you make can significantly help to keep your audience interested, adding simple elements like colour, infographics, videos, and pictures will help to engage your target market and improve your content. Changing the type of content that you make can also improve your advertising, creating an ebook or going on a podcast may be more successful than writing another blog post, representing value to your customer can be done by keeping your advertising interesting and engaging.

CTA (Call to action)

Understanding CTAs and how to use them is essential if you want to keep customers coming back to your website. Including basic factors to your site such as ‘shop here’ or ‘buy now’, will really help you customers feel more confident and comfortable when using your website, however it is also important to note that there should be a balance, have you ever been onto a website where there are so many buttons and instructions it almost seem pushy? Overdoing CTAs can make your site come across as irritating, whereas not using enough CTAs can be off-putting or confusing to users.

Evergreen quality content

Being on trend and keeping up with the latest developments is important, but as digital trends move fast, they can expire the day after the post is made. There must be a balance between current trends and evergreen content, or content that always stays relevant. Creating content that has remained trendy and has a high search content over time will create long-term traffic, having evergreen content as well as trendy content will improve search engine rankings, and content with your audience on social media. Social media trends come and go, and continue to change every day, keeping up with this can be exhausting, as customers will have moved on from the trends before you have even posted them, therefore including evergreen content will help your content to remain trendy.

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