Researching which keywords to use will bring you some valuable insight to your target audience, as you will be able to understand what words spring to mind when someone is looking for your brand, or a brand that is similar.

Conducting this research will give you insights into market trends which can help you to create content that is centred around these trends, which can help you keep your content relevant and up to date. Having keywords on your website is important, it helps to attract your target audience, as well as rank your website higher on search engines like Google but finding which keywords to use for your website is difficult!

Making sure that you study and understand your niche will help you to come across key words that you may not have come across before, these keywords that will make you stand out from your competitors, but also stay relevant to your business. Knowing your customers and what they may search for is very important, factors such as age, personality, hobbies, and interests should be taken into consideration as they could affect which words your target audience will use when searching on the web. Research your audience, ask your previous customers questions, like what words would they use to describe your brand? or what words did they use to find your website? This can give you an insight into your potential customers, and what keywords they may use in the future when searching for your website.

Finding the right keywords for your site may require some trial and error and could take some time; testing out different keywords will help you to understand your audience and what they may be searching for. Using a variety of keywords over time while measuring the engagement of your website will give you an insight as to what words your customers are searching for, and which words give your site the most traffic, this means you will be able to find the best keywords and even include these into your URL for google to rank your page highly.

Make sure that your keywords are clear, and that your keyphrases briefly explain what your brand does, for example, if you sell fresh coffee, one of your key phrases should be ‘Fresh coffee for sale’. In order to understand what you should make your keywords, you must get into the mind of a potential customer, ask yourself questions like, what word will customers be searching for to come across my brand? What will my customers be looking for? Although it sounds simple, having clear and precise key words is very important, so customers can easily find your business.

Removing Keywords that may not align with your brand or words that are not relevant, can help to target the right customers, having a specific target audience is important, and being able to target this audience by researching into which words they are the most likely to search, can improve your website SEO, resulting in a higher ranking, pushing your website higher up and making it more accessible to potential customers.

The main elements to look out for when you conduct your keyword research -

  • Making sure they are relevant; your content will only rank highly for a keyword if it meets an audience’s needs. Making sure that your keywords are relevant to your content will help you to rank higher, Google will not want your page to be at the top of this list if it is not what people are looking for.

  • Having Authority means that google will rank your page higher than others, if your website has the same keywords as websites that have more authority than yours, there is a very low chance that you will be ranked higher, or even at a similar level to them. A way to overcome this is to create a website that is informative and helpful, as this will also increase your chances of receiving mentions on social media from other sites, and as a result, increase your chances of your site receiving more backlinks.

  • MSV, or monthly search volume, measures how many times a keyword is searched in a month. If you are using keywords that don’t receive any searches, your site may rank highly for a specific keyword, but no one will know about it. Although you should avoid keywords that may seem too obvious, as your site will not stand out from your competition, you should also be wary of your keywords having no traffic, and no searches.

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