Video can sometimes be a daunting part of a companies marketing campaign. It's a vast field and sometimes initially it can be difficult to pin down what makes a piece of video content stand out from the rest; not to mention where to distribute it. Within this post, I want to demystify the process of creating great video content. No matter what your budget may be, or what resources you may have access to, whether it's a high end cinema camera or the smartphone in your pocket, you can create super successful video marketing tools.

1. Get a fantastic script together

Write and re-write until you have a great script that addresses your audience and outlines your points precisely. Having a good script is an important foundation in building upon a strong piece of video content, and will help engage your viewership. If you need to make changes then it’s best to do it on paper beforehand – before you’ve even shot the content. Otherwise, amendments to the work can become very expensive.

2. Focus on lighting and composition

If you really want your video content to stand out, then take the time to storyboard it and map out what the compositions may look like. A well-lit and polished final product can be the difference between someone continuing their lunchtime social media scroll, and stopping to watch your video.

3. Decide what your call to action will be

So, someone has watched your video? Great! That’s the first step in the right direction. But what do they do afterwards? A clear call to action will point your audience in the direction of your website or a product you may be marketing. Define what your call to action will be and how you are going to implement it into the video. Video is a medium of variety, and the world really is your oyster when it comes to how you work an effective call to action into your content.

4. Publish your video in the right place

You may be wondering where you should post your new video content. You could cast a wide net and throw it up everywhere; or you could form a clear idea of exactly who your target audience is, then look at which platforms they’re using and begin implementing targeted ads there. Shooting the video is one thing, but delivering it properly is another.

5. Focus on your story

It’s easy to get wrapped up in your product or service. While this is an important part of your video content, it shouldn’t be the main focus. People are interested in the story of your brand; the history, the people behind it and how it came to be. That is how your marketing video will stand out – by being at once entertaining and interesting to watch, and not just a product guide.

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