Brochures can be a very lucrative way of marketing your brand. They may not be a very new method of marketing, but that's no reason to discount them as a great tool, that could be at your disposal. In this write up, I'd like to talk about why brochures work so effectively and why you should be making them a part of your marketing mix.

1. It’s a more personable approach to marketing

Handing a brochure to a potential client is a much more meaningful way of reaching your target audience than, for example, a social media advert. It can help make a client feel welcomed and more open to working with you. It can also allow you to distribute directly to your market, and once the brochure is in the hands of a potential client, it can often be passed around their workplace to other potential customers, too.

2. Your brochure, your brand

A brochure allows you to create something that is completely in line with your company’s branding. There is no compromise. When it comes to design and functionality, you are free to create whatever you like. Unlike some online platforms, not being confined to a particular set of guidelines helps your brochure to really stand out.

3. Interact with your customers in a more relaxed way

With social media often limiting the amount you can post on a particular piece of content, the brochure becomes an even better sales tool. It allows your potential clientele to sit down and read a professional, thoughtful representation of your business.

4. The cost

The cost per brochure for printing can actually end up being very little, which can potentially help you reach more people. This is especially true if you are distributing them yourself. Not to mention, once distributed, they can often be circulated by other people and reach even further afield.

5. It lives longer

When you hand a brochure to someone they will more than likely hold onto it for a while. It’s not a page online that they can minimise – it will stay in their bag, or their car, for days or weeks to come. Making your brochure a ‘keeper’ with vital information about you or your brand can encourage a potential customer to hold onto it for contact information. Include an exclusive ‘readers’ offer’ and they’ll be even less likely to misplace it!

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