Video marketing can sometimes be a difficult path to tread. This is especially true if you have no background or prior knowledge in video production. So where do you start? What should you film? In this guide, we talk about what video content you can shoot for your business, no matter what your skill level. Let’s break this down into pre-recorded content and live content.

Pre-recoded video ideas


· A short ‘thank you’ video from you to your customers

· A demo of your product or service

· An animated GIF of how to use a function of your tool or product

· Recorded testimonials from customers


· Extended customer testimonials, with more complex editing

· Create longer product demonstrations with multiple angles and compositions

· A video introduction to your company, its mission and vision


· A full product demo, with thoughtful lighting, compositions and great audio

· Turn blog or social posts into instructional videos and summaries

· Film interviews with key members of your company

· Shoot presentations performed by company members

· Create videos with calls to action for your customers to act on, delivering visits to your site or social media pages

Live video ideas


· Broadcast from interesting industry events that you or other members of staff are visiting

· Use social media broadcasting to thank customers for their loyalty and custom at the time of a special occasion for the business, e.g. an anniversary, or the achievement of an online follower target


· Host a live Q&A/AMA event where customers can interact with the business directly

· Hold an event whereby a member of staff is in conversation with an industry expert or a leader in your field

· Live stream in-office events to display company culture


· Stream an open Q&A video with your company’s sales reps, to connect directly with customers and draw in new business

· Select an executive of the company to stream a ‘day in the life’ of one of your employees

· A live presentation to your customers about a new service or change to the business

There are multiple ways to use video to the advantage of your business and there will be multiple examples here that you will be able to utilise. Video is an incredible tool to drive more reach to your customers and subsequently increase business.

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